Have you been having a hard time finding your favorite vape flavors? It could be that your favorites were unauthorized and disappeared when the FDA cracked down on the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of certain vape flavors that appeal to children.

In January of 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started to enforce the removal of certain vape flavors from the market. The targeted products are ones that appeal to children either because of their flavors or marketing. To answer your question: Where are my flavors? They were probably unauthorized fruit or mint flavors, or they had child-like packaging.

According to the FDA, removing vape flavors that are attractive to kids from the market will help reduce the number of underaged vape users. Since vaping is especially dangerous for children, the FDA considers these flavors as a threat to the public health.


The FDA has been trying to balance the dangers that vaping has for young people with the needs of adults, especially adults who are addicted to nicotine. They have continued to allow menthol, tobacco and non-flavored vape products that they do not believe are attractive to children. If you are wondering, “Where are my flavors?” then you might want to consider switching to menthol or unflavored vape choices.

What Flavors are on the Radar?

Since the FDA is targeting vape products that appeal to children, more flavors could soon be removed. If you enjoy sweeter flavors, you may be out of luck. Some of the products that have disappeared from the marketplace or will disappear soon include banana split, cotton candy, Kool-Aid, Sweet Tarts, Hawaiian Punch, Pop Rock, Gummy Bear, Fruit Loops, and Skittles inspired flavors.

The FDA is also targeting products that use cartoon characters or other child-focused marketing. If your favorite vape featured Papa Smurf or Curious George on the label, then you won’t be finding those products anytime soon.

Premarket Tobacco Applications

In 2016, the FDA started to require that all vaping products and devices be regulated in the same way that other nicotine products were regulated. They required vaping producers to submit Premarket Tobacco Applications or PMTAs for each of their products. These applications had to have been submitted before the deadline in 2020. If applications were not submitted in time, then those products were no longer allowed to be sold in the United States. There is also a good chance that your favorite flavor is missing because the producer did not submit a PMTA for it by the deadline.

If a PMTA was filed for your favorite flavor, then you should be able to continue to purchase it until it is either approved or denied by the FDA. So even if you can find your favorite vape flavor today, it might be denied at any point and you will be left wondering, “Where are my flavors?”

PMTA Verified

PMTA Verified is a non-profit organization that is committed to supplying the public with unbiased information about which vaping products have been verified by the FDA. This information is intended to help adult consumers make informed decisions. If you are wondering about flavors or other aspects of vaping, you can use our handy search tool to browse the status of your favorite brands.