When people start vaping, they often have one question: “is vaping safe?” This is a complicated question, one that we know only partially know the answer. But it is important that everyone involved with vaping, from customers and businesses to lobbyists and product developers, understand what we know about the risks so that they can make informed decisions. So, let’s walk through this question and see what we know, why we know it, and what we still don’t quite understand.

Vaping vs Smoking

When people talk about vaping, they often talk about it as a “healthy alternative” to smoking. The question then isn’t “is vaping safe?” so much as “how is vaping healthier than cigarettes?” The simple answer is that smoking is much more likely to be worse for you than vaping. The long-range answer, however, is a bit more complicated than that.

First, we understand the dangers of smoking to a much larger extent than the dangers of vaping. This is because we have been studying the health effects, and witnessing the health impact, of smoking for much longer than vaping. E-cigarettes in their current form have only been around for a few years while smoking has been declared unhealthy by doctors for decades. During those decades, we have poured millions of dollars into health research on smoking and determined conclusively that smoking is bad for you. We have also pinpointed the specific ways in which smoking harms health.

Vaping contains far less of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in your average cigarette. It also doesn’t burn, so you are inhaling vapor instead of smoke. Despite these two things, however, we still don’t truly understand the health impacts of vaping. This is simply because we have less research than with smoking due to the lack of long-term health studies and more. What we do know is that vaping poses potential dangers, which customers have the right to know before they make a decision on whether they want to vape.

So, Is Vaping Safe?

This ultimately is a complicated question, and one that will have an evolving answer as more research is done. What we do know is that vaping poses health risks, including instances of fatal lung collapse, as well as potential carcinogenic compounds. Excessive vaping poses more of a threat than occasional, but the research will give us a better picture so long as scientists continue to study this area.


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