The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) has launched, a national initiative that provides adult vapers a platform to share their story on how vaping helped them quit smoking. The aim of the initiative, sponsored by Flavourart Distro, is to remind Canadians and regulators that punitive vape regulation has real consequences for adult smokers that have chosen vaping to reduce their harm.

Credit: Tumisu

The website will enable adult vapers to upload short videos detailing, where they live, how long they smoked, how long they have been smoke-free, the flavor and nicotine concentration they used, and what they would do if flavors were to be banned. Canadian’s need to hear from adult vapers, not the industry. The CVA encourages all adult vapers to share their story, according to a press release.

“Globally, the conversation around vaping has lost sight of the millions of lives that can be saved through vaping. Vaping has presented an unparalleled harm reduction opportunity and flavors are the key to adult adoption and success quitting smoking,” the release states. “ will highlight the importance of flavored products and the positive impact vaping has had on the lives of millions of adult smokers.

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