FDA Releases Additional Warning Letters To 18 Firms Illegally Manufacturing and Selling Vaping Products

On February 26th 2021, the FDA issued another batch of warning letters to 18 firms who have been manufacturing and/or selling unauthorized vaping products in the US. The below firms have not submitted the required PMTA(s) (Premarket Tobacco Application) on or by the 9/9/20 deadline, making respective products illegal to sell within the US due to lack of premarket authorization.


  1. Vapor Maven E-Juice, LLC
  2. Smooth Vapes, Inc.
  3. VaporIce Inc.
  4. California Vaping Company Inc.
  5. Vapor Invasion LLC
  6. The Vape Corner, Inc.
  7. Bulldog Vapor, LLC
  8. E-Cig Outlet LLC
  9. Adore E-liquid
  10. Dripco. LLC d/b/a Dripco Vape Company
  11. Chuckin’ Clouds Vape Shop Inc.
  12. Vapor City Plus, LLC
  13. Black Dog Reserve LLC
  14. The Chubby Baker LLC
  15. The Vaporatory, LLC
  16. The Vapor Emporium, LLC
  17. Tally Ho Vapor Tonic LLC
  18. Square Vape Labs Inc.


Click here to view respective warning letters.