Lawmakers in Ceredigion county, Wales want vaping and e-cigarettes to be treated the same as combustible cigarettes and be banned in public areas like schools, playgrounds and hospital grounds, according to reports.

man vaping in park
Credit: Krystian Graba

New legislation came into force from March 1 banning smoking from school grounds, hospitals and play areas, with Welsh Government leaving the decision on vaping up to local authorities, according to Nation CYMRU. Ceredigion county councilors recommended that the same new rules banning smoking be the same for those using alternatives such as vapes and e-cigarettes but added that the same level of enforcement would not be possible.

Chairman of the healthier communities overview and scrutiny committee said on Monday, March 8 that seeing people vaping in playgrounds, combined with the different flavors available, could be “drawing children in.” He added he was a “little disappointed” the current legislation did not go further in allowing enforcement of vaping restrictions.

Cllr Bryan Davies supported this and said that vaping should be treated the same as smoking. Questions were raised about how the legislation covered council land leased by community councils and how enforcement would be resourced.

The council will be the enforcement body for premises while the police will enforce the ban on smoking in cars with children. The committee approved the report, adding that consideration be given to including vaping on any signage indicating where smoking is banned.

It is recommended that “steps are taken to ensure all Local Authority smoke-free settings comply with the new legal requirements.” It also noted  the additional enforcement requirements on public protection services and “further recommends necessary changes to the Constitution to reflect the implementation of the Smoke-free Premises and Vehicles (Wales) Regulations 2020.”

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