Comment on UK Report Criticizes Bloomberg-Funded WHO For Violating Consumers’ Rights in LMICs by Joanne Martell

I smoked for nearly all of my adult life, smoking over a pack and a half a day. I had a persistent cough right up until 2015, when I switched to vaping. I don’t have the problem anymore. Everything I owned reeked of tobacco, and I didn’t like to smoke in the house, unless I was in my office with the door closed. I found out about vaping from a friend, who also quit smoking using vaping. I was interested, and I immediately sent for a vape pen. I couldn’t believe what happened next. I started coughing up black tar, which lasted for weeks. Once my lungs were clear, I had no breathing problems anymore! I started with 24 mg of nicotine, and that’s what I needed to curb my cravings. I didn’t stay on 24 mg more than a month. I moved to 12 mg, and now I’m at 6 mg, getting ready for 3 mg! That is amazing!

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