Can anyone believe the BS coming from California?
with a +$15billion MSA revenue stream to protect.
They overstated nicotine harms already, while conveniently almost ignoring the dozens of more harmful combustion products, and thousands of other ones. They allow sugar to be burnt in the mix to allow the production of MAOI antidepressants for a more addictive end product, the other 1000’s of approved cigarette additives, utilized by the hundreds in every stick to enhance the smoking experience are never mentioned by the anti tobacco / anti vaping cartel. Only obvious flavor additives in common are targeted to reduce the competition from vaping. Which 90% of vapers state is the main reason Vaping helped them quit. Folks will still smoke unflavored tobacco, but vape tobacco flavor(which is not tobacco or smoke) generally tastes like crap and many will return to smoking, with its greater harms.
Help for smokers is dismal from the massive tax haul, and failing to enforce 21+ Laws, choosing to unfairly discriminate against non pharmaceutical, yet the most popular and successful harm reduction method, vaping, is an epic fail in helping people quit smoking.

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