And they will analyze it with machines that won’t differentiate if the vapor tastes like burnt crap that humans wouldn’t use, therefore producing inaccurate data. Apples taste like beneficial food, of course a brain is wired to want that. These flavor studies have already been conducted elsewhere, and have shown little real world effect from a huge sampling, menthol performed worst in a Petri dish of cultured lung cells, albeit greatly better than smoke. Menthol is a traditional remedy for cold and flu symptoms, for the last 4 years it has been great to vape if I feel a sniffle coming on, it’s gone almost immediately. Zero sickness in these 4 years, whilst all those around my work and family life regularly drop like rain. NZ embraced vaping but the government, pharma and other profit motivated entities would like to demonize vaping and it’s THR potential, must have shocked them in the first 8 months of legalizing when the tax take on cigarettes was slashed 50%

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