Comment on EU Cancer Plan Ignores The Science in Favour of E-Cigs For Smoking Cessation by Chris

I guess Prof. Stöver needs an update on Canada, we’re getting f***ed over here! Canadian policy makers always refer to the UK and the TPD and how well it works over there. What did that bring us here in BC… 30ml bottle restrictions, labelling restrictions, pods/tanks maximum 2ml volume, no nic liquids are prohibited, flavour restrictions, a 26% tax on vaping products. Other provinces have flavour bans coming or already in place. The nicotine cap of 20mg/ml will be implemented federally. The next thing to come will be flavour restrictions on a federal level. What that will look like, we don’t know yet. But we know there will be a consultation period of 75 days in winter 2021.
So, can Prof. Stöver please explain again how Canada is doing an awesome job!?!

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