Charlie’s Holding’s, parent to e-liquid manufacturer Charlie’s Chalk Dust, confirmed that it premarket tobacco product applications (PMTA) remain under scientific review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The company has not received a marketing denial orders (MDOs) or refuse-to-file letters for any of its submitted products.

“Including product-specific scientific data, thorough perception studies, and detailed environmental assessments, Charlie’s PMTA’s cost more than $5 million and are among the most comprehensive PMTA’s in the entire industry,” a press release states. “The Company has publicly expressed its commitment to full regulatory compliance and youth access prevention and believes its submissions to the FDA will be recognized as both distinguished and suitable for approval.”

Ryan Stump, Charlie’s COO, explained that in addition to human clinical trials that measured the nicotine delivery efficiency of the company’s products via pharmacokinetic studies, Charlie’s PMTA’s also included “product-specific, scientific evidence” that demonstrates the marketing of Charlie’s products meets the statutory standard of appropriate for the protection of the public health that is required for an FDA marketing order.

“This is an important reason why we are highly confident that the FDA will recognize Charlie’s PMTA submissions as both distinguished and suitable for approval,” said Stump. “As a result of the painstaking efforts we invested in our PMTA’s, when others are forced to withdraw their products from the market, Charlie’s will be one of a very select group still legally allowed to operate in the flavored nicotine product space. We look forward to the competitive advantage  and to the corresponding increases in sales, profits, and market share  that will result from our steadfast commitment to providing Charlie’s customers with a trusted product portfolio in full regulatory compliance.”

To date, the FDA has now issued 168 companies MDOs for an estimated 992,000 products. According to a press release, the regulatory agency released a revised listing of MDOs that includes 125 company names but not any specific products that were denied. There were no updates provided on several high-profile submissions, such as those submitted by Juul Labs, BAT and Japan Tobacco International. The agency also offered no response to any submitted open-system hardware products or tobacco-flavored e-liquids.

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