Vape products and e-cigarettes have been the topic of a lot of discussion and faced a whirlwind market with a lot of positive and negative press. State and federal governments have waffled back and forth on various regulations and attempts to study the industry and stay informed on how best to protect consumers while allowing the industry to thrive with very mixed success. While this has disappointed consumers and certainly discouraged investors and innovators in the industry, tobacco and CBD regulations are sorely needed.

Insufficient Studies of Long-Term Health Effects

Any new industry is difficult to regulate as the existing rules often do not apply to the new product, or the government officials might not understand the new idea well enough to make decisions on them. FDA regulators have to depend on scientific studies, with a heavy emphasis on independent studies, in order to make the right decisions. This definitely applies to proper CBD regulation, as studies are still being conducted. CBD vapes are still new we are still waiting on definitive studies on their possible long term health effects.cbd-regulation

Product Variability Makes Testing Difficult

One of the best parts of vape products is the multitude of creations that manufacturers can dream up. The different combinations of flavor creations truly make the vape market something special with incredible excitement for industry growth.

However, that same factor makes this part of CBD regulation so difficult. All of the different processes and chemicals used in creating these products make standard scientific study difficult to identify and test. One test is not going to fit all products and each product needs to be evaluated and tested for safety, both in the short term and long term, in order to fully understand the rules needed to keep consumers safe.

Marketing to Younger Audiences

Tobacco has been the subject of many lawsuits and definitive studies and now is under very strict marketing regulations, even down to how they are packaged. With the increasing acceptance and legality of marijuana around the country, CBD oils and various treatments are becoming more mainstream, and this translates to the vape industry. The FDA is still evaluating many CBD products, and with vape products marketing additional flavors and “glamorizing” vaping in their marketing, it’s becoming increasingly clear that CBD regulation is necessary to manage these products until more information is available. Simply making something an 18+ only product is not an effective means to keep a product out of the hands of youths and protecting the health of growing bodies. Objective testing is the best way to determine appropriate protections, both in the messaging and in the marketing, just like the tobacco industry.

While it is important in our society to allow markets and new industries to innovate and operate without stifling regulation, the government’s job is to make sure that things are safe and that consumers are able to make their decisions with the best and most accurate information available. CBD regulation may change in the future based on new information and studies, but it is important to make sure that our regulations keep up with the science. Visit our website for more details.

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