PMTA Verified was born in 2016 by a nonprofit organization founded by a group of concerned Vaper’s and Industry leaders unsure where the pathway led. 

Now in 2020, we are driven down that path by a team of experts that believed back then as much as they do today:

• Every adult consumer has the right to make informed decisions on the products they purchase. 
• We must stand for every Small Business Owner’s right to make decisions on running their business without the fear of fines, unsafe products, or a devastating loss in income due to confiscated inventory. 

Disregard of any agenda or political driver.

Led by an Emergency Room Physician and passionate group of professionals that have all witnessed the impacts firsthand of limited solutions and misinformation within the communities and patients they serve.

From an award-winning Products Research & Development Executive, Mechanical Engineers, concerned Stay at Home Parents, to PHD holding Chemists’, and many more across the United States; various walks of lives brought together on the same path, united under one goal – free market decisions and ensuring the safest products possible for every US adult consumer.

Welcome to PMTA Verified.

Our Mission

Up to date, unbiased, comprehensive product status information to allow adult consumers and the trade, to make informed decisions on Pre-Market Authorized Products and beyond.