About The Doctor​

Carlos Smith, MD is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, who has close to 20 years of acute care emergency medicine experience and is certified in both Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as Advanced Traumatic Life Support.

In addition to his emergency medicine suites, Doctor Carlos searches for alternative ways to advance the practice and efficacy of medicine through emerging therapies. His practice and research of medicine is the paradigm to his professional existence.

Doctor Carlos’ unique professional position has allowed him to witness the ill effects of various product limitations and misinformation across all socioeconomic boundaries. This drove him to try to ensure that every adult consumer may access legitimate and verified information on products that effect public health.

In 2016, he approached a group of vaping industry leaders to better understand the pending regulations, and its impact on the accessibility of new ENDS products as an alternative for his patients. Dr Carlos understood the benefits of having a less hazardous alternative to combustible tobacco products. So, he inquired how to champion legitimate consumer education, and thus Vape Safe Foundation was created.

A postponement in 2017 to the pending FDA ENDS regulations was announced, at which time Dr Carlos assembled a team of leading industry pioneers to help support and propagate the mission of Vape Safe Foundation – to disseminate honest, accurate, and verified ENDS industry information so that consumers can make educated decisions. And with this mission, the Vape Safe Foundation founder PMTA verified.

Tampa Florida Has been Dr Carlos’ home for the last 48 years, and he has served his community with the highest of standards. Recognized as a Top Five Tampa Emergency Medicine Physician I’m 2017, 2019, and 2020, he strives to be the trusted information source for the greater good of public health.

Please feel free to contact Dr Carlos with your questions or comments at DoctorCarlos@PMTAVerified.com

About Vape Safe


If a consumer is compelled to use tobacco products, Vape Safe undoubtedly endorses the use of less hazardous e-cigarettes as an alternative. 

As a practicing emergency medicine physician for almost twenty years, I see and treat patients DAILY who suffer from the many deleterious health effects of combustible cigarettes. The dozens of toxins and carcinogenic constituents found within combustible cigarettes are culpable of these life altering/life damaging health effects. Interestingly, however, I have also seen patients who have curbed these harmful long-term health effects by abandoning combustible cigarettes and switching solely to e-cigarette use.

With the advent of the Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) Verified website (www.pmtafiled.com), consumers will have a trusted, unbiased, robust source that will serve to educate, and Vape Safe hopes that an educated consumer is a safer consumer.  

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